About Us

The annual Canadian Walk for Veterans is hosted by One Veteran Society and invites Canadians to walk shoulder to shoulder in recognition of our military, veterans and first responders. Our primary goal is to provide an opportunity for Canadians to learn about the challenges of coping with life after service. Our secondary goal is our fundraising efforts through modest registration fees, donations and sponsorships.  Eighty percent of each year’s net proceeds go to organizations that are working hard to provide veterans and first responders with support, rehabilitation services and the tools they need to cope. Most importantly these organizations provide hope and bring a sense of purpose back into the lives of those who need it. The remaining twenty percent of net proceeds is retained to cover administrative costs such as website maintenance, etc.  Wherever possible we support veteran-owned businesses such as Majaid Web Solutions who manage our website and Sharkz Coins manufacturer of our 2023 challenge coins.


We are extremely grateful to our many supporters and members of our team of dedicated volunteers whose only compensation is the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping and honouring those who fought for and continue to fight for our freedom and Canadian way of life.

June 2022 Parliament Pays Tribute to the Canadian Walk For Veterans

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KLF in Parliament