About Us

The annual Canadian Walk for Veterans has been hosted since 2018 by One Veteran Society and invites Canadians to walk shoulder to shoulder  in recognition of our military and Veterans.

In 2024, Canadian Walk for Veterans through One Veteran Society and True Patriot Love, Canada’s Foundation for the military community are proud to announce a strategic merger aimed at enhancing support for Canada’s military, Veteran communities and their families.

Effective immediately, True Patriot Love will become the lead organizer of the Canadian Walk for Veterans, working in collaboration with the team formerly known as One Veteran Society. This new home for the Walk will enable better support for team leads, walkers and donors as we continue to grow the event across Canada. We are thrilled to continue to support this incredible event and to honour the history, traditions and success of the Canadian Walk for Veterans continues, both in 2024 and long into the future.


The primary goal is to provide an opportunity for Canadians to learn about the challenges of coping with life after service. Our secondary goal is our fundraising efforts through modest registration fees, donations and sponsorship. Proceeds of each year’s Walk go to organizations that are working hard to provide Veterans, active service members and military families with support, rehabilitation services and the tools they need to cope. Most importantly these organizations provide hope and bring a sense of purpose back into the lives of those who need it. Wherever possible we support veteran-owned businesses such as  Majaid Web Solutions  who manage our website and Sharkz Coins manufacturer of our 2024 challenge coins.


True Patriot Love Foundation is Canada’s Foundation for the military community, supporting military members, Veterans, and their families.

True Patriot Love works closely with sector partners to support the evolving needs of servicemembers in Regular Force, on Reserve, and in transitioning to civilian life and as Veterans. This work centers around four key pillars:

  • Supporting stronger military families, as spouses, caregivers, children, and youth are called upon to make profound sacrifices along with their loved ones;
  • Prioritizing well-being, by investing in mental health and pain management programs amongst others;
  • Improving the rehabilitation and recovery journey through the power of sport, expeditions, and alternative therapies; and
  • Providing resources to organizations that foster connection with communities, whether it be through mentorship, volunteerism, or advocacy.

True Patriot Love recognizes the invaluable contributions made by our service members and Veterans and is committed to ensuring that they receive the support they need as they transition to civilian life and beyond. With a focus on enhancing rehabilitation and recovery journeys, True Patriot Love harnesses the power of sport, expeditions, alternative therapies, and global initiatives like the Invictus Games – of which True Patriot Love is the main funder of Team Canada.

True Patriot Love has granted $41 million for Veterans and their families, reaching more than 40,000 beneficiaries and supported over 1,000 community-based programs across the country.

Through this partnership, True Patriot Love and the Canadian Walk for Veterans will combine their resources and expertise to expand their reach and impact.

For more information about True Patriot Love, please visit https://truepatriotlove.com/