Where Donations Go

Your support and the support of your donors is funding critical programs and research across the country that is empowering military Veterans, active service members and their families.

Currently there are over 486,000 Veterans and families in Canada. Every year, about 5,000 military personnel leave the service and join them. Whether they are facing healthcare challenges, their families need support, or they are seeking to transition to civilian life, it’s our responsibility to make sure their needs are met.

  • Supporting stronger military families, as spouses, caregivers, children, and youth are called upon to make profound sacrifices along with their
    loved ones;
  • Prioritizing well-being, by investing in mental health and pain management programs amongst others;
  • Improving the rehabilitation and recovery journey through the power of sport, expeditions, and alternative therapies; and
  • Providing resources to organizations that foster connection with communities, whether it be through mentorship, volunteerism, or advocacy.

You can learn more about True Patriot Love’s funding and granting process at https://truepatriotlove.com/