Here you will find tips, tricks and tools to help you and your team reach their fundraising goals!

Share your WHY!

People give to people so share why participating in the Canadian Walk for Veterans is important to you and why you are supporting Canada’s military community.

Top Tips

1. Set a fundraising goal – you can change this at any time and even raise it once you surpass your initial goal!

2. Be the first to donate – A donation to yourself shows your potential supporters how much you are invested in the mission.

3. Ask – You know your network best so make sure to send emails to friends, family, coworkers – anyone you think will be interested in showing their support.

4. Spead the word – Make sure people know you are participating in the Canadian Walk for Veterans by sharing your fundraising page on social media and via email.

5. Say thank you – A simple note thanking people for their support goes a long way

Social Media Tips and Resources

1. Make it personal – Share the reason behind your participation in the Canadian Walk for Veterans and why you are so committed to reaching your fundraising goal. Donors are inspired to hear the WHY.

2. Be loud – Celebrate every milestone – when you hit 25%, 50%, 75% and when you
surpass your goal! The more your friends and followers know about your fundraising success, the more they will want to be part!

3. Always include a link – the new Canadian Walk for Veterans fundraising tool will
provide you with a personal link to your page and to your team page. Make sure every time you post on social media, you are including that link so people know how to donate.

4. Include photos – post photos of you getting ready for the Canadian Walk for
Veterans, of you with members of the military community, of you at past Canadian Walk for Veterans having the time of your life.